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The most triumphant stage in an injured employee’s recovery is the final one—the Return to Work. Transitional Work Solutions (TWS) helps employees make a positive transition back to the workplace while helping employers reduce workers’ compensation costs and retain valued workers.

Our program matches injured workers with non-profit organizations in need of added resources.  Employees are placed in suitable, light-duty roles from filing, greeting guests to data entry.

Employees are able to focus on recovery and regain workplace confidence. Our program gives employees the opportunity to contribute valuable work to good causes while continuing to receive pay from their pre-injury employer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can we do if the Physician will not release an employee to light duty?

Statistics show that a physician is 77% more likely to release an employee to return to work if they are looking at a job description. We provide physicians with a job description that light duty is available and within the restrictions of any type of injury.

How do we advise our employee of the light duty job offer?

We provide the completed offer letter and include driving directions from the employee’s home to the charity. The employer will distribute the forms both by certified and regular mail to the employee to ensure receipt of the employment offer.

How do we track their hours in the program?

We collect weekly timesheets that are tracked by the charity supervisor. The timesheets are signed by both the employee and the charity representative.

How do we handle attendance issues?

We ask that the employee always follows company protocol when calling off from work. The employer will be notified if the employee is not showing up for a shift. The timesheets will reflect if the employee called off sick, had a physician appointment or if they were a no call no show. We will call the charity weekly for updates and pass along to all involved parties.

How do we know that our employee is doing safe work?

Transitional Works Solutions strives to provide a safe work environment. Our charities are always aware that at no time is an employee allowed to drive a motorized vehicle and work with hand tools, children or animals. No employee is allowed to handle cash or have access to personal information.

What if my employee gets injured at the charity?

Injuries that may occur at a charity location are handled no differently than if the injury happened at the employer’s worksite. We would conduct a full investigation with documentation in conjunction with the claims examiner. Our statistics show injuries in this program are less than .05 %.

How do we handle PTO time?

The employer is asked to handle PTO time no differently than if the employee is onsite performing light duty. The employee will be held accountable to all the employer’s HR policies and procedures.

Can the payroll for charity work become a write off for tax purposes?

This is a discussion to have with your corporate tax department. Many of our clients classify the payroll from the program as a noncash contribution.  Regardless payroll is a write off for every company.

Who Pays the Wages?

It is recommended that the employer pays full or partial wages for the job offer to be valid. The cost for the referral is allocated back to the claim file as an expense.

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